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  • Where Are You Located?
    As of March 2024, we are located at 108-1029 View Street, in the Jukebox Building. There is paid street parking available on both sides of the block, as well as on surrounding streets.
  • When Are You Open?
    Our business hours may change seasonally to best suit our business needs. We will always update our website and socials to reflect our most accurate hours. Currently, our hours are as follows: SUNDAY 12-5 MONDAY 12-5 TUES/WED CLOSED THURSDAY 11-6 FRIDAY 11-6 SATURDAY 11-6
  • How Can I Contact You?
    We do not have a phone number at the shop. If you need to get in touch with us, you're welcome to send us an email at or send us a DM on Instagram @rise.consignment Due to a high volume of messages with similar questions, we ask that you read through our FAQ and Consign pages before contacting us.
  • How Does The Consignment Process Work?
    At Rise Consignment, we strive to make the consignment process as easy as possible. We accept consignment any time that we're open unless otherwise stated on our 'Consign' page. We may have to pause intake from time to time due to seasonal changes or a large backstock of inventory. All new consignors must fill out a consignor contract. These terms are non-negotiable and all must be agreed to in order to consign. We accept up to 1 large garbage bag per person, per day. If you have more than this amount to consign, please come back on consecutive days. Bring your freshly washed and dried clothing that fits our current criteria into the shop. We do not typically look through items on the spot. We pick out what we know will sell from the items you give us. For the items we don't take, we donate to local charities, or give them back to you. We give you 2 business days to collect anything we can't take, if pickup is your preference. We price, list, and sell your items! You get 40% of what the items sell for. (items go on sale for 50% off after 30 days on the floor and may be subject to other periodic sales.) You check back in with us to see how your items are selling. You can spend your consignor credit in-store, or receive an e-transfer from us (minimum $20 payout) All items expire after 60 days on the floor and will be donated to local, deserving charities if unsold. We do not offer end-of-season pickups. Please note we do not buy items outright and operate as a traditional consignment platform. ​
  • How Do I Get Paid?
    It is up to you, the consignor, to contact us about the status of your account. Please contact us via email or Instagram. Any amount of money on your account can be used as store credit towards a purchase in-store. You can also request an e-transfer payout from us. We do not offer cheques or cash. To receive an e-transfer from us, your balance must be $20 or above. In the circumstance that all of your items have sold and your final balance is under $20, we can still send you that amount.
  • What Are You Accepting?
    We will always update our website and socials with to-the-minute information on when and what we are accepting. Scrolling through our 'Consign' page is the best way to find out what we're currently looking for. You can also have a look at our Pinterest page which we have categorized into seasonal consignment inspiration. We accept quality, seasonally appropriate clothing for adults of all genders. Items must be freshly washed and dried, and be free from odours, stains, pet hair and other imperfections.
  • Can I Just Send You Photos Of My Items?
    While we understand it can be quite a trip downtown for some people, we cannot accept clothing solely based on photos or descriptions. We need to see the items in person to properly inspect the quality of the pieces and ensure there are no rips, stains, or other imperfections. Please read our guidelines on what we love to see consigned.
  • Why Didn't You Accept My Items?
    While the reasons we may reject items may be nuanced, there are a few standard reasons for rejection. Items will be rejected if they are stained, well-worn, ripped or pulled, out-dated, out of season, stretched or shrunken, smelly or hairy, or too high-end. We may also reject items if we currently have too many similar items in stock that are slow to sell. Please remember consignment policies and our decisions are never personal and our rejection of any of your items is not a rejection of you as a person.
  • What Charities Do You Donate To?
    We are currently partnered with 1Up Single Parent Resource Centre, the Burnside Gorge Community Association, The Garth Homer Society and the Quadra Village Community Centre, whom all offer free clothing rooms for communities in need. We never donate to large for-profit or controversial thrift stores such as Value Village or Salvation Army. We are always open to expanding our donation roster.
  • How Does Your Online Store Work?
    All items on our online store are also available in-store, but not all of our in-store items are online. We add our favourite, quality, and clearly labelled items to the online store weekly. You can view items in individual categories, such as tops or bottoms, or choose to browse our new arrivals or sale sections. Within each category, you can also narrow down your search by choosing popular brands or sizes. Our checkout is hosted by PayPal, but if you don't have a PayPal account, you can click "checkout as guest" to use a debit or credit card.
  • Do You Offer Private Shopping?
    Yes, we offer private shopping experiences at Rise Consignment. We have 3 tiers of private shopping experiences to choose from, including optional add-ons like bubbly, local charcuterie from Island Fresh Charcuterie, and tarot readings from Delicate Realms. We can accommodate between 2-12 people, depending on the tier. These parties are hosted at the storefront after hours and we do our best to accommodate any special requests. You can request to book a private party with us on our Private Shopping page.
  • Can I Use My Consignor Credit Online?
    Unfortunately, we cannot offer the option to use your consignor credit towards online purchases due to limitations with our software. You're welcome to contact us to see if you have a balance, and we can e-transfer you any amount over $20 to help reimburse your purchase.
  • How Does Your Rewards System Work?
    Consignors can earn reward points when they shop at Rise Consignment. For every $10 that a consignor spends, they will receive 1 reward point. 1 point = $1 After a consignor has been awarded 5 points (or more) they are welcome to use these points to receive money off their next purchase. For example, a consignor spending $56 will earn 5 reward points, which is equal to $5 that can be applied to a future sale. A consignor may choose to spend or build up their reward points, similar to consignor credit, but must have at least 5 points to spend them. Reward points and consignor credit never expire. Reward points can only be spent in-store. If a consignor makes a purchase on our online store, they are welcome to add a comment to the "customer notes" at checkout to ask for points from that sale to be added to their account. Points will not be automatically added from online sales. Reward points are only available to consignors, not regular customers. As soon as someone is added to our software as a consignor, they are able to collect and use points.
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