Consignment FAQ

Have questions about how our consignment process works? Check out these questions that we get asked pretty often, but don't hesitate to ask your own questions too!

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Do I need to send photos of my clothing?

Nope! We don't need to see anything ahead of time - once we pick up your consignment items we'll go through it by hand to ensure the quality and trendiness of each piece of clothing. 

When can you pick up my consignment clothing? Can I drop it off to you?

We're super flexible with picking up your consignment goods! When you're ready for us to pick up your consignment items, send us an email or DM and we can work out a time for us to swing by and pick up your stuff. 

We don't currently offer a drop-off option, but once we have a storefront, that will definitely change!

Do I get my clothes back at the end of the season?

While filling out our contract, you have the option to decide to have back what we don't take for consignment, or have us donate whatever is leftover. We offer this option every time you consign, but once the clothes are in our hands, priced and ready to sell, we do not give items back. Clothes are given 60 days on average to sell, before being donated to deserving, local charities. In short, we do not give clothing back at the end of the season. 

Do you take children's or maternity clothing?

Unfortunately, we do not take children's or maternity items. There are some great options for these types of clothing in the Victoria area, but we're focusing on providing trendy, long lasting items for adults only.